NanoProfs the best in Surface treatment

Welcome by NanoProfs©,

The most sustainable application company in the world. NanoProf's© is unique in its kind with its sustainable nano products, and is therefore socially responsible.

NanoProfs© is a company whose activities are focused on the most advanced nanopro - coatings® for various purposes and requirements.

Our products range from durable anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal coatings, through nano-photocatalyst coatings for air purification, to permanent surface protection systems against dirt, liquids, graffiti, moisture, microorganisms and much more... 

NanoProfs© cooperates with application company's, manufacturers and research centres located in Germany and Holland. The company partners hold the most advanced knowledge and experience in field of nano-technological products and services.

In the essence NanoProfs© specializes in permanent NanoPro – coatings® for broad variety of purposes, including building protection, automotive nano-coatings, a special nano antifouling, (invisible wipe or nano-wipe), stone and wood NanoPro - coatings®, easy-to-clean and permanent anti-graffiti systems and finally durable self-sanitizing coatings based on silver, nano particles and much more... 

You can think of natural stone in bathrooms, sanitary facilities, swimming pools, kitchens, butchered concrete floors / walls, wooden façade and floor parts, glass façade panels, vehicles and what else you can imagine.

Specialties: Anti-Slip Coatings, Facade Coatings, Anti-graffiti coatings, special nano Antifouling Shield, Anti-(to) stick coatings, Maritime, Glass-coatings, Concrete Protection, Wood protection, RVS protector.

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